Miles Morin Paintings, Fine Art & Design

Virginia Beach Artist, Painter, T Shirt Design

Miles Morin Graphic Design

University of Virginia

physician website design

commissioned artwork, oil paintings

collegiate art

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The 2011 VB Shirt by 14th Street T-Shirts features artwork by Miles Morin. For purchasing information, visit:

For inquiries concerning graphic design for any need or purpose, use the contact page or send an email to:

Testimonial from 14th Street T-Shirts:

"We couldn't be more pleased with Miles' work for us. Miles brings a unique, artistic vision to every project and was able to create something that far surpassed our expectations. His passion for art and his skill in the field were evident in the number of high-quality, visually-capturing drafts he was able create for us. The design we finally agreed upon has generated a tremendous response since its release. We found that Miles' custom art and graphic design services were not only priced lower than the competition, but were far superior in quality and responsiveness."

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